Monday April 14 - Horizon Project and KSTL Presentations

You are to be moving into solid wiki work in teams, watching and responding to the Keynote and preparing for your multimedia artifact as per the Video Specifications.

Finalize KSTL participants.

7th Block -

1. Go to your delicious page. Click on "your bookmarks" and print that page. (This is so I can give you a grade.) :)
2. Go to your igoogle page. Read all the new articles and feeds that you have for today.
3. Read and research your topic. Write one paragraph explaining your topic. Print it and turn in.
Metatrends use this web-site for more information
4. Interact on the ning about your topic with your group members. Get past the "how's the weather" comments and talk about the project. Provide some insight from your reading.
5. Add one sentence to the template for your group without deleting any directions or anyone else's information. Show me what you added.

8th Block - Continue research and making connections.

Tuesday April 15 and Wednesday April 16 - Horizon Project Keynote

Watch the Keynote

Respond on the Ning.

Read other responses and comment on several.

Thursday April 17 and Friday April 18 - Horizon Project Collaboration

Interacting with your team

  • Use the discussion tab of your team topic wiki for specific topic and wiki development-based discussion. I need to see interaction and conversation related specifically to the topic in question. I also need to see cooperation and collaboration occurring between you and your partners re adding content to the wiki pages.
  • You and your teammates are responsible for editing both the main wiki and the sub wiki of your topic. Research and add some content today - focus on the sub-wiki.

Multimedia Artifact

Also observe the Project Timeline for deadlines: outsourced video requests and delivery of video to partners.
You only have TWO WEEKS to plan your video/multimedia artifact and request outsourced content.
  • Wednesday April 23 - draft outline of video, including sketched storyboard, to be handed in (hard copy)
  • Monday April 28 - final blog post detailing requirements for outsourced video

Read Personal Behavior and Sharing Personal Information