Monday - Teacher Professional Day

Tuesday, April 22 and Wednesday, April 23 - Interacting with your team

  • Use the discussion tab of your team topic wiki for specific topic and wiki development-based discussion. Interact with your team and create conversation related specifically to the topic in question. I also need to see cooperation and collaboration occurring between you and your partners while adding content to the wiki pages.
  • You and your teammates are responsible for editing both the main wiki and the sub wiki of your topic. Research and add some content today - focus on the sub-wiki.
  • Add around 250 words to the wiki.

Wiki Editing Guidelines:
1. If it is messed up, fix it immediately -- don't ask -- fix links,
spelling, formatting, awkward words, tense agreement, person.
2. If something belongs in another place-- move it around. IF it is a
significant change, make sure they enter a comment in the editing box (this
prevents misunderstandings) if it is a huge change -- then leave a comment
3. IF something just isn't working out but you're not sure what should
be done -- go on the wiki tab and leave a message for the group, asking them
what they think. If the message is about the wiki, it should go on the
4. When you edit and work, DO NOT edit for 10 minutes and say "OK, now
I'll wait for someone else to do their part." That is not how it works.
Work with the time you have and add meaning.

Read Personal Behavior and Sharing Personal Information (If you haven't yet)


Get copyright free pictures here.

Here's some clip art you might like to use.

Thursday April 24 and Friday April 25 - Multimedia Artifact

  • Add about 250 words to either your main wiki or the sub wiki. Add a note at the bottom telling what you did, before you save.
  • Add a good photograph if one hasn't been added. Make sure it is copyright free.
  • Use citation machine to site your sources in MLA format and paste your citation into the citation section of the wiki.
  • Communicate on the Ning with your group. Make a comment on the discussion tab of your main wiki and sub wiki or respond to one that has already been started.
  • Observe the Project Timeline for deadlines: outsourced video requests and delivery of video to partners.
  • Review Video Specifications and be ready to create your storyboard on Monday.