Monday - April 28 - Horizon Project Work

Tuesday through Friday - April 29 through May 2 - Multimedia Artifact

  • Add about 250 words to either your main wiki or the sub wiki. Add a note at the bottom telling what you did, before you save.
  • Use citation machine to site your sources in MLA format and paste your citation into the citation section of the wiki.
  • Communicate on the Ning with your group. Make a comment on the discussion tab of your main wiki and sub wiki or respond to one that has already been started.
  • Plan and complete a storyboard for your video. Video Specifications
  • Create outsourced video requests and post a comment about what you are requesting on the person's ning and on the sub-topic wiki discussion tab.
  • Observe the deadlines listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Watch these example videos from last year's project for ideas:

  • Thursday May 1 - draft outline of video, including sketched storyboard, to be handed in (hard copy)
  • Friday May 2- final wiki post detailing requirements for outsourced video

Video Tutorials
For help with the video project, go to Specifications and watch the video tutorials.