Monday - April 7 - Horizon Project Template Exploration and more

Get to know your topic by:

  • reading the information on your group on the NIng.
  • explore the resources from last year's project

Other Tasks:
  • fix your Delicious tags (The plus means space - change the + to a space)
  • make sure you have done the following (grades will be entered this week).

Tuesday April 8 and Wednesday April 9 - RSS

RSS in Plain English by Common Craft

How to subscribe to RSS Feeds:
In order to subscribe to an RSS feed you will need two things, an RSS reader (We're using Google Reader) and a url (web address) of the RSS feed that you wish to subscribe.
1. Take the Google Reader Tour.
2. Add Google Reader to your iGoogle page. In iGoogle, click on "add stuff." Find the Google Reader gadget and click on "Add it now."
3. In a new tab in Google Reader locate the web address (url) of the RSS feed (XML file) that you wish to subscribe. Announcements and copy it. (Apple C)
4. In Google Reader click on the add subscription button on the left Picture_1.pngand paste the url into the pop-up box.
5. Click Add.
6. The information in the feed will be updated when the feed contains new content.
7. Refresh your iGoogle page and see your new feed.
8. Add all the links listed here under Netvibes. Some schools are using Netvibes instead of google reader.

You can subscribe to other feeds this same way or you can click on a page with an RSS link and add it to your Google Reader.

Your Daily Activities
  1. Read - Go into your igoogle or google reader page -- see what is new.
  2. Write - Reading is not enough -- this project requires your ACTIVE participation. If you do not comment on the blogs of your partners -- if you do not edit the wiki. If you do not discuss things that are happening on the wiki discussion tabs -- YOU DON"T EXIST! Your partners don't know that you're there. Every day, you should communicate with your partners what you're doing, your questions and what you think needs to happen next!

Remember that you should be researching and bookmarking items, discussing these with your group on the Ning, and you may begin preliminary editing of the template -- just keep the instructions for now... some of the students are on spring break.

Thursday April 10 and Friday April 11 - Research, write and get to know your trend or metatrend

1. Go to your delicious page. Click on "your bookmarks" and print that page. (This is so I can give you a grade.) :)
2. Go to your igoogle page. Read all the new articles and feeds that you have for today.
3. Read and research your topic. Write one paragraph explaining your topic. Print it and turn in.
4. Interact on the ning about your topic with your group members. Get past the "how's the weather" comments and talk about the project. Provide some insight from your reading.
5. Add one sentence to the template for your group without deleting any directions or anyone else's information. Show me what you added.