Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!

Monday- Friday - March 10-14 - KSTL Competition

Continue working on your projects.

When you are finished with your KSTL project, check this out.

7th block groups
Forrest and Andrew - Bullying PSA
Jake and Ren - Bullying PSA
Aaron and Josh - Bullying PSA
Nathan and Tom - Bullying PSA
Sammie, Ashley and Maria - School News
Marisa and Halli - School Web Page
Chris and Robert - Bullying PSA
Cassie and Jen - Multimedia

8th block groups
Amanda & Lauren - PSA
Kylie, Margo and Heidi - Webpage - Clubs at GHS
Levi -
Jason and Jonathan - PSA
Andrew and Martin - Web page - extracurricular activities, classes at GHS
Renea, Tehnee, and Toby - PSA