Monday - March 31 -

(Lesson plans adapted from: 10 Sem 2#toc4)

First, check out the members of your team and send them a note on the Ning. Add your recording to the Ning, following these directions:

Audio Recording Task (to be completed by the end of today)
  1. You can see examples from the last project at the Flat Classroom Ning.
  2. Save it as a GB file, then Export is as an MP3 file.
    • Share to iTunes
    • Set your iTunes Preferences so your file will be an MP3 file.
      • Go to iTunes Preferences
      • Click on the Advanced tab
      • Click on Importing
      • Change Import Using: to MP3 Encoder.
      • Go to Advanced tab and Convert to MP3 and click OK.
      • Drag this file to your desktop.
  3. Join and upload your MP3 introduction.
  • Click on this link: Or, get started by visiting your Evoca account.
  • Click on the link under Create that says, "Upload a Recording".
  • Follow the steps to upload your recording.
  • Go to your recordings on Evoca and scroll down the page until you find the html code. Copy it.
  • On your Ning page, start a new blog post and discuss how you created your introduction. Paste the HTML into the box. The code should start with <embed src=
  • This is what it will look like once you have it on your blog. You will need to go to Preview to see the actual widget.

What about this? Padded lamp posts for people who walk and text????,2933,335896,00.html

Tuesday, April 1 and Wednesday, April 2 - Wiki Wonderland!

Now is the time to become used to adding content, editing and using other features of a wiki.

Join wikispaces: Add a username, password and e-mail. Don't start a new space.

Use this free wiki HPSandbox to practice. Make sure you can do the following with the wiki:
  • Create a new page
  • Add text, add a table, add a table of contents
  • Upload an image or a file
  • Embed a video (eg YouTube)
  • Embed other widgets eg audio introduction
  • Start a discussion, add a comment to a discussion
  • Use the wikispaces HELP wiki for more ideas and skills

Now go to the Horizon Project 2008 wiki and send a request to Join this Space. Your request will need to be approved by an administrator (me) before you can edit or add to the project wiki.

Now you can get started on research and adding information to the wiki.

Thursday, April 3 & Friday, April 4 -

Read through this blogpost on how to use delicious and watch the embedded videos for more tips. Using the table of content, complete basics and then follow the 9 tips.

Set up your own account with delicious. Look at the links under tagging standards for your area. Read some of the articles.

Research Introduction

  • Choose your topic from the Horizon Report: Grassroots video, Collaboration Webs, Mobile Broadband, Data mashups, Collective intelligence, Social operating systems.
  • Use the tagging standards listed here, research the topic and bookmark on delicious at least 6 websites that would help you understand or create a project about the topic.

Tagging Standards

Using, anyone may catalog and send websites for analysis to the students and participants in this project.
2008 tagged items