Monday - May 5 - Monday - May 12

  • Keep adding content to either your main wiki or the sub wiki. Add a note at the bottom telling what you did, before you save.
  • Use citation machine or try this really cool site to site your sources in MLA format and paste your citation into the citation section of the wiki.
  • Communicate on the Ning with your group.
  • Keep making comments on the discussion tab of your main wiki and sub wiki or respond to one that has already been started.
  • Complete your video. Video Specifications
  • Make sure this is done on Monday May 5 - Create outsourced video requests and post a comment about what you are requesting on the person's ning and on the sub-topic wiki discussion tab.

  • Watch these example videos from last year's project for ideas:

  • Monday May 12 - Video complete and ready to post. We will post during class today. If you do not have yours ready, you will have to post on Tuesday or Wednesday when we are supposed to be turning in our laptops!

Video Tutorials
For help with the video project, go to Specifications and watch the video tutorials.