Project Ideas:

  • Safe Social Networking - Your digital tattoo/imprint...
    • What impression are you leaving?
    • What can you do about it?
    • Why do schools block social networking sites?
    • Do employers check on employees on-line before they interview them?

  • Design the "Internet Cafe" - in the ITV room

  • Student investigative teams direct their own learning by utilizing digital tools to tackle real world problems and/or issues, and then share their best work with the entire world via a team wiki – on the global stage.

  • "Digital Ethics" activity: I want the class to think about the implications of the
ways teens communicate with each other. Form 4 groups: 'Cellphones,' 'Social Networking Sites,' 'E-mail &
Instant Messaging' and 'Blogs & Wiki's.'
Use David Loertscher's, Patterns & Trends Matrix learning model from his
new Ban Those Bird Units 2. This will get the students out collecting data, doing
surveys and brainstorming ideas about technological capabilities, collaborative
learning, privacy, copyright, ethical behavior and etiquette. Regroup later that week to display the results
and have "The Big Think" discussion as a class, with the principal as our guest.

  • Design "Everything You Wanted to Know About...(blogs, social networking, etc)" brochures for the middle schoolers or other high school students.

  • Design an Academic Challenge Event for the students:

  • Who:
    • Four 4-5 student teams of all abilities on each team
    • 1 teacher facilitator per team

    • Stay within a budget to build a home
    • Create a virtual model of an energy efficient, environmentally friendly home
    • Meet local building codes
    • Make the home accessible for the physically challenged
    • Include recreational features to make the home appealing for a family
    • Market the plan to a team of judges

    • A real estate agent
    • A banker
    • An architect
    • A contractor
    • An attorney
    • A code enforcement officer
    • 3-D Architect Software
    • Cell phones, ipods etc.
    • Virtual Home Building (Online Library Pathfinder) or SketchUp

    • 2 school days (time frame to be adjusted as needed)
    • First day viewing potential building lots and meeting with building experts
    • Second day - under 6 hours to actually create the virtual home

    • Beyond our WILDEST dreams

  • Create OSX Tutorials for teachers and students.

  • What are your 21st Century Citizen responsibilities to yourself and others?

  • Create a weekly podcast for one of your classes.

  • Create and/or edit a blog for personal or school use.

  • Create and/or edit a wiki for personal or school use.

  • Collaborate on a project with other students in other schools, states, countries.

  • Discover the significance of "Globalization" and how it affects you.

  • Citations - what is the correct way to site sources?

  • Website credibility - is the website a credible source?

  • RSS - What is it? Why use it?

  • Cell phones - Can we use them in school for educational purposes?

  • Podcasts - subscribe to one.
  • Create an "internet Safety" presentation
    or a website evaluation presentation to present to the jr hi/elem schools
  • read and respond" to 10 blogs....use notebook to track where you've been, and get back to the class with discussion of issues involving education