This is the roadmap for the course. Remember, it will change as the course progresses and need arises.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting to know your Macbook – OS X Introduction.
  • Wikis – Use and create.
  • Network Hogs - Bandwidth Issues – How downloading videos can zap the bandwidth.
  • Online Safety and Social Networking – Digital tattoo or imprint?
  • Collaboration – Work collaboratively with others in your school, community, state, country, world.
  • Website Credibility – Finding the source of the website.
  • Citations – Citing sources with content that is always changing.
  • Globalization – Does it affect me?
  • 21st Century Citizen – Responsibilities to yourself and others.
  • Digital Storytelling – What’s your story?
  • Blogs – Subscribe, post, and create.
  • iTools: MAC-specific applications.
  • Google Tools – iGoogle, Google Notebook, etc.
  • Open Source Tools – Discover and explore.
  • Podcasts – Subscribe and create.
  • Internet Café – Develop the plan for the internet café at GHS.
  • Cellphones – In school?
  • RSS – Understanding and subscribing.

Topic: Get to know your macbook - OSX Introduction
Project: Create a tutorial for others to understand one topic in OSX. This can be a podcast, video, audio file, wiki, webpage...

Topic: Wikis
Project: Create your own wiki for 21C

Topic: Network Hogs - Bandwidth Use

Topic: Blogs
Project: Subscribe to a blog, post to a blog, and create your own.

Topic: iTools: MAC applications
Project: Create an iMovie, iPhoto slide show, Song in Garageband, etc.

Topic: Google Tools
Project: Create your iGoogle page and add content to your Google Notebook

Topic: Open Source
Project: Explore 5 Open Source Applications. Pick 2 that you love and create a wiki page for each.

Topic: Online Safety
Project: Watch the videos and contribute to the blog on online safety.

Topic: Video