Globalization - Listen to excerpts from Daniel Pink's Audiofile, "A Whole New Mind"

U.S. Students Need 21st Century Skills
Introduction to Google Notebook
  • Create Google Account OR Use Existing Account
  • Add Google Notebook to Google homepage

Global Collaboration and Learning:
List of projects to use with students.


Research Outsourcing - Use the following sites and Google notebook to add notes from the sites and videos. Create a presentation that answers the question, "How does Outsourcing effect me and my future?" This presentation could be a video, photo story, keynote, song, paper, etc. It's up to you.

Look up the definition of outsourcing on Wikipedia.
Read the Business Week article on Outsourcing. Watch the 2nd slide show in the article.
What is Outsourcing? Check out some of the other links on the page.
Outsourcing assignments Article
The Other Side of Outsourcing (Video)
ABC News Report on Outsourcing (Video)
ABC News Report on Outsourcing Part 2 (Video)

Who better to create understanding about globalization than Thomas Friedman and his book The World is Flat. Interesting "stuff" about this world and this history of where we are and how we got here....the technology that is. The global economy is all around us.
A Whole New Mind for a Flat World??
What does THAT mean??
Are you sure about that??
Could it be so? Future graduates will need skills beyond those that used to be sufficient??
Hmm..... What should you be teaching yourself that they didn't teach you in school?