This page will focus on the iTools on your laptop.

iWeb - Create A Website

Tutorial from Apple

Welcome Page:
  • A picture
  • purpose of site
  • information about you or your topic,
  • links to other websites
Other Pages:
Create a picture page and add some pics
Create a blog page and write something
Create a movie page and add your movie(s)


iMovie Project - Select one of your classes and develop an iMovie for a topic from that class. Create a storyboard, shoot the video, write the music, etc.

Sample Videos
Can't Stop the Fire
Women's Rights in China
Stories of the American Experience
Canterbury DigiTales
Holton HS videos

iMovie Tutorials
iMovie Resource Site
iMovie Ideas pdf.png[[space/showimage/iMovie_ideas.pdf| iMovie_ideas.pdf]]
iMovie Rubric pdf.png[[space/showimage/iMovie Rubric.pdf| iMovie Rubric.pdf]]
iMovie Storyboard
iMovie Examples and Resources

Freeplay offers free music you can use in your multimedia projects: Freeplay Music offers royalty free music you can use in your podcasts and multimedia projects.