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Monday March 17 - Wednesday March 19 - KSTL Competition

This week you need to finish your project and be prepared to present it on Monday when you return from Spring Break. You will be judged following the rubric on the KSTL site.

Monday - March 17 - Horizon Project

Discuss the Horizon Project. Sign up for one of the Trends and Areas of Interest.

Read the Horizon Report.

Tuesday and Wednesday - Horizon Project - Look at this spreadsheet with your team members.

On the Horizon Project, use only your first name and last initial. Do not talk in im language, as many of the students are not proficient in English.

Joining the Ning

A Ning is a social networking Web 2.0 tool. The Horizon Project 2008 Ning is where all teachers and students will interact and communicate to do with the project. It is through the Ning you will get to know your partners and add comments and upload resources eg your audio introduction. Click on the link and join the NIng. Sign up for an account. Then join the Horizon Project 2008 Ning and the GHS group.

Audio Introduction

Every student will create an audio introduction to introduce themselves to the other students in the project. This should be about 1 minute in length. Use GarageBand software, export as an MP3 file ready to upload.

Use these questions as a guide to record your short audio introduction to put on the Ning.
  • Explain who you are, where you live and what school you go to
  • Tell a little about what life is like where you live
  • Tell a little about what you do at school, for a hobby etc
  • Share your ideas for the project:
    • how do you think you will cope collaborating with students in other countries?
    • what will be the advantages?
    • what will be the disadvantages?
    • what new skills will you need to learn to be able to do this project?

Audio Recording Task (to be completed by the end of today)
  1. Use the software and guidelines above and record a 1-2 minute audio introduction. (Make sure you can hear what you are saying and that there is no loud music or sounds preventing your message coming across). You can see examples from the last project at the Flat Classroom Ning.
  2. Save it as an Audacity file, then Export is as an MP3 file.
  3. Join and upload your MP3 introduction.
  4. Go to the page of this upload and you will find HTML code that can be embedded into your blog.
  5. Start a new blog post and discuss how you created your introduction. Embed the HTML code using the 'Edit HTML' tab in The code should start with <embed src=
  6. This is what it will look like once you have it on your blog. You will need to go to Preview to see the actual widget.